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Director Message

Prof.(Ms) Radhika Joshi - Shringarpure
M.Sc.(Maths) MBA
Managing Director

Dear Students,
You have enrolled yourself with ‘Icon Science Hub’ for the preparation of various IIT-JEE NEET / Medical entrance examinations. We join you in your noble choice & promise to help you in your endeavor for the achievement of your goal. Remember in any scheme of fruitful attempt for the competitive examinations, the dynamic organization of various inputs from faculty to facts, from material to methodology, from motivation to maverick adventurism, from subtle hammering to satiation cannot be ignored.

Today, we recognize that complex problem solving skills are not automatically acquired. They must be taught. And since modern competitive education stresses the generalized carry-over of processes rather facts in learning, attention is increasingly being focused upon the development of good study (learning) procedure by the students.
We at the ‘Icon Hub’ are aware of the potential value of testing as a means of guiding the student into correct study habits. The in built highly proficient system of examinations developed by ‘Icon Science Hub’ has proved to be very potent. In the end, I assure you that ‘Science Hub’ will continue to identify the efficacious & potential strength in you & help as best the flowering of dormant genius in you.

Prof. Abhishek Shringarpure
M.Sc.( Computer Science) MBA
Managing Director

Dear Students,
Icon science hub is a true temple of education were student’s future is being carved in right direction. We are fully focused to maintain highest degree of pragmatic professionalism in order to sustain in this current competitive market. Challenges are the part of life and it is meant to be faced in a very sophisticated manner and outcome as rising stars. Achievements are those proud feelings which boost your inner morale.
Dynamic leaders always lead the country from the front. Quality education enriches student’s life as well as helpful for maintaining the strong reputation in the current educational sector. Taste of Inevitable success is always sweet so we always follow excellence. Innovative ideas and unique creativity plays a vital role in transforming desired dreams in deserved dreams. We provide proper guidance to our valued students to explore and enhance their skills. Our specialized trained faculty is fully dedicated towards their work. Faculties know their roles and responsibilities very well which are assigned by the management.

Faculty acts as strong bridge between students and their desired dreams. It is the must require quality of every faculty to create a stress free environment in the class so that students could freely interact with their faculty in order to clarify their doubts. Faculty should be expert in maintaining the decorum in the class. Igniting the inner passion inside students is the real test of nerves for expert faculties. Polishing knowledge plays a vital role in expanding the outlook of students on various aspects related to their subjects. Our specialized trained faculties strive their every nerve to prove their teaching talent. Patience level of faculties is being tested by good listening power which is always counted as one of the top most qualities. Our students too respect their faculties and value their teachings, that is why giving respect and receiving respect is the best way of bargaining. Hurdles in life are the stepping stones for success, but after crossing all the hindrances the road of life become smoother like butter.