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Integrated School Programs

Since inception, we have been committed to nurture, motivate and inspire the budding future professionals in engineering and medical discipline in order to inculcate a sense of integrity, academic and professional excellence.

Keeping in mind the changing global and metro environment where the child is spending more and more time outside the house trying to keep himself abreast of the latest competitive hurdles and tools, we at Icon have undertaken a resulted oriented programs in various prestigious School in East Pune which is aimed at combining the best of both the worlds, that is excellent school result coupled with outstanding performance in IIT-JEE/ Medical entrance exams.
Advantages of the Integrated School program for IIT JEE/Medical entrance are as follows:-

Integrated preparation for both CBSE and competition ( Egg, and Medical entrance) whereas the child first masters the concepts and basics for CBSE followed by additional study and advanced concepts for complex problem solving.

Physics, Chemistry and Math for Pre Engg and physics, chemistry and Biology for Pre Medical students will be conducted by Icon faculty members during school hours taking care firstly of CBSE teaching followed by smooth transition to higher and complex level of problem solving for cracking the competitive exams.

Classes will be conducted during school timings.

Online testing & examination system and complete study material will be provided for competitive exams.

Program eliminates the need for tuition or coaching outside school whatsoever.

More time for self study, after school hours all the time can be dedicated to self study and preparation thereby improving overall performance of the child.

Reduces stress on the child. Students preparing for competition after school hours rush for both competition & CBSE classes after school and spend tremendous energy in balancing school and coaching classes resulting in deterioration of school results.

Strong and dedicated team of expert faculty versant with both school and competitive methodologies.

Class duration will be 80 minutes per subject per day and all three subjects will be covered per day.

Classes to be conducted five days a week and sixth day to be reserved for conducting tests/discussion classes.

Increased Study Time: Effective study time in the integrated school program is more than school teaching and coaching classes after school hours put together i.e. Average study time per subject is 110 hrs per subject in school and 120 hrs per subject in coaching classes but in integrated program the child gets 250 to 300 hrs per subject thereby covering each and every topic with minutest details and leaving him without the stress to run to competitive classes after school hrs.

Experienced result oriented IIT’an faculty with outstanding success rate will conduct classes for these selected students.